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    Leigh Anne Vrabel drawn by Derik A Badman
    Leigh Anne Vrabel currently works for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh as a senior staff librarian in the Reference Department, Main Library.  This simple statement covers a multitude of responsibilities which you can learn more about via her LinkedIn profile.  What is does not capture is the sheer, breathtaking bliss of being a caffeinated multi-tasker at a large public library, working with some of the finest people in the whole world.

    Leigh Anne is completely besotted with library science and isn’t ashamed to admit it.  She blogs about her magnificent obsession on a semi-regular basis at Library Alchemy, where her emphasis is on the philosophical rather than the practical.  Her writing also appears in Library Journal (reviewer 2005-2010), The Librarian’s Book of Lists (2010) and The ALA Whole Library Handbook, 5th ed (forthcoming).  Subjects she enjoys thinking and writing about include ethics, work-life balance, the role of print in a digital age, mentoring, leadership, management, heart, soul, and goat farming.  She aspires to do great things, professionally, and is quite flexible about just what “great” might entail.

    When she’s not working, Leigh Anne is probably reading, writing, cooking, baking, gaming, making art, listening to cheesy 80s music, or foozling her cats, Steve McQueen and Luscious Jackson.  You may contact her at vrabell at carnegielibrary dot org.

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    Update: April 18th, 2012
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