• Framework for Article Proposals

    Framework for Article Proposals (Including Recruited Authors)

    Lead Pipe is a collaborative effort, and this framework will help our authors work through the process as seamlessly as possible while providing sufficient opportunities for feedback from the Lead Pipe team and peer reviewers.

    We are interested in unique and creative solutions and articles that have actionable suggestions, questions, or solutions.


    1. In some cases, we really like you and your ideas, so we invite you to consider writing a fabulous article for the Lead Pipe. Alternatively, you can submit a proposal via the online form on our Submission Guidelines page.
    2. You think this is swell because it will give you a chance to share your fabulous and provocative ideas with the world, and it will give you some experience publishing with an innovative, peer-reviewed journal.
    3. One Lead Pipe team member will be designated as your editor and contact. She will run your proposal by the team and reply to you with some questions to help frame your idea into an outline.
    4. You will send your editor the responses to our questions and the Lead Pipe team will provide feedback within one week so that you can get started fleshing out your article.
    5. In consultation with you, your editor will assign you a publication date for your article that fits into the regular publishing schedule (currently alternating Wednesdays).
    6. You and your editor will agree on a publication timeline. For example:
      1. Six weeks before publication date: The Lead Pipe team will identify at least one Lead Pipe person to review your article. You will need to identify and contact at least one other person of your choice who is knowledgeable about your topic to review and critique your first draft. Ask your Lead Pipe contact for suggestions if you are having trouble identifying an appropriate reviewer. 
      2. One month before publication date: Submit the draft article to your peer reviewers, requesting feedback within one week. Begin revisions as needed.
      3. Two weeks before publication date: Submit revised article to your editor and, if requested, to your peer reviewers.
      4. One week before publication: Finalize article, obtain your WordPress login credentials from your editor, input your post with a compelling photo (your own or one with a CC license), and schedule it to be published.
      5. Refer to Instructions for Authors and Editors for more on the above process, including information on authors’ WordPress accounts.

    Questions to Help Frame Your Idea into an Article Outline

    1. What specific event or experience led you to be passionate about this topic?
    2. What 8-10 things are most interesting to you about your topic?
    3. Of those 8-10 things, what are the 3 most critical things to know or consider about your topic?
    4. Why are those 3 things the most critical ?
    5. How is your topic relevant to all of the following potential audience members of the Lead Pipe: newbie librarian, seasoned librarian, library patron/customer, library administrator, leader of the parent organization of a library, library board member, etc.
    6. Is your topic more relevant to someone in an academic, public, government, private, or medical setting (or other setting)? If so, how is your topic meaningful to someone not in that target audience?
    7. What kinds of examples will you use to help reinforce the points/issues that you’re raising in your article?
    8. How will your article encourage people to act in ways that make their libraries and communities better?
    9. What do you want your readers to remember after they finish reading your article?
    10. What do your want your readers to do after they finish reading your article?
    11. What problem is your post addressing, and how are you offering constructive solutions to resolve it?
    Update: August 28th, 2013
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