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  • Spring Reading

    2017–04–05 | Comments Off on Spring Reading

    It’s time for spring cleaning, and your editors here at In the Library with the Lead Pipe are cleaning out our bookmarks, bedside reading piles, and saved articles folders. We’re revisiting some great recent reads in the process. Here’s a selection of things we’ve been reading and that we think you might enjoy, too. Feel…

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  • Disappearances

    2011–01–12 | Comments Off on Disappearances

    In the Library with the Lead Pipe welcomes David B. Morris. In between twenty years as a self-employed writer, Morris held professorships at the University of Iowa, at the University of Virginia, and at Stanford University. His wider understanding of books and lives owes much to his wife, Ruth, a technical services librarian and library…

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  • Google, stupidity, and libraries

    2008–10–22 | 17 comments

    By Kim Leeder As a teenager, I never tried drugs because I didn’t like the idea of any substance affecting the processes of my brain. It never occurred to me that the long hours I spend working, reading, and researching in front of a computer could have a similar effect. Recently I found out that…

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