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  • Open Source Outline: Locating the Library within Institutional Oppression

    July 16, 2014

    In Brief: A call for articles based on an open source outline

    On January 20th, 2014 nina de jesus posted “Outline for a Paper I Probably Won’t Write.” The editors at In the Library with the Lead Pipe approached de jesus to see if she might like to write it after all. We also discussed her idea to release her outline with an open source license and see what others would write. We are thrilled to announce that de jesus agreed to both.

    If you are interested in writing an article for us based on this outline and would like to work with a Lead Pipe editor, please email ellie@leadpi.pe by August 13th, 2014. If you would like to write your article without going through the Lead Pipe peer review process, please email ellie@leadpi.pe by September 10th, 2014 with a link to your completed article. You are not bound to follow the outline to the letter. We welcome divergence and dissent.

    Depending on the number and quality of submissions we receive, we will either publish all of the articles together as a digital edition or we will publish de jesus’s article here along with links to any other articles published using this outline.

    The deadline for the completed article is September 10th, with a publication date of September 24th.

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