Awards & Good Words

We love working on Lead Pipe just as much as you love reading it. Thanks for joining us & for the kind words. These are a few of our favorite tweets and mentions!






  • Awarded Best General Blog Award in the 2012 Salem Press Library Blog Awards: “In the Library with the Lead Pipe was a clear winner of the public vote as well as a favorite among this year’s judges, who appreciated the blog’s cast of diverse writers and wide range of topics and perspectives. In the words of one judge, “almost every post is gold.”” Salem Press: 2012
  • Join us at ACRL 2013! Our Lead Pipe panel proposal titled “From the Periphery into the Mainstream: Library DIY culture(s) and the academy” was accepted for ACRL 2013. Hope to see you in Indianapolis this April!
  • Coral Sheldon-Hess: “In looking for some facts about the EL program, I found this really fantastic critique on In the Library with the Lead Pipe. It’s a couple of years old, and they have taken some of the suggestions to heart; for instance, there isn’t a lot of brainstorming about how to change ALA, anymore. Lots of other things still haven’t changed, though, so I would encourage you to read it if you’re thinking of applying for Emerging Leaders.” Web Librarian — A newish librarian’s view of the world: July 20, 2012
  • Jami Bryan: “Over at In the Library with the Lead Pipe, Kim Leeder wrote a wonderful post that takes on the issue of “snobbery” towards community colleges. Kim writes: “If you look down on community colleges, consciously or unconsciously, you may be surprised to learn that community colleges don’t look up at you. Faculty, staff, and students are proud of their colleges and their accomplishments.” Yes. Exactly this.” View from Beyond the Stacks: June 4, 2012
  • Cheryl LaGuardia: “I’d like to give a big shout out about this post, ‘Consensus Decision-Making and its Possibilities in Libraries,’ by Emily Ford on the wonderful In the Library with the Lead Pipe blog.” Library Journal Reviews: January 25, 2012


  • Robin Hastings: “Besides having one of the best blog titles EVAR, In the Library with the Lead Pipe also has some of the most thought-provoking, long-form blog posts out there.” a passion for ‘puters: April 21, 2011
  • Meredith Farkas: “Every semester my students seem about 50-50 split on whether In the Library with the Lead Pipe is a fantastic blog or way-too-long journal articles pretending to be blog posts. To each his own. Not everyone is going to like your writing. And if you’re not a long-form writer, don’t try to be. But I personally think blogs like In the Library with the Lead Pipe and Library Babelfish offer such valuable food for thought. I usually have to save their posts until I really have time to digest them, but they’re so worth the wait.” Information Wants To Be Free: July 19, 2011


  • Michael Stephens: “In the Library with the Lead Pipe is one of my favorite blogs. The writing is peer-reviewed, balanced and well-reasoned.” Tame the Web: November 20, 2010


  • Jessamyn West: “One of the online things I’ve been reading has been the group library blog In the Library with the Lead Pipe. It’s a long-form blog by six authors that gets to go a little more in-depth into library issues than your average blog. Recent posts I’ve enjoyed include this look at the idea of universal catalogs and this look at how to make bibliographic instruction “sticky” (memorable). The thing I like about this blog is that in addition to having really good writing and heaps of links to more information, the authors actually comment on each other’s posts so that you get more of a sense of the authors’ perspectives and also some built-in discussion at the end of nearly every essay. This is one of my favorite new blogs of 2008.” December 9, 2008
  • Peter Bromberg: “ITLWTLP offers a superb and accomplished roster of authors, a truly engaging design (courtesy of Derik Badman), and a quality of writing that’s going to knock our socks off…” Library Garden: October 8, 2008