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    Editorial Board

    • Brett Bonfield is the director of the Collingswood (NJ) Public Library, a wedding officiant, a barefoot runner, and a certified yoga teacher. He likes podcasts, serial commas, and baseball analysis.
    • Ellie Collier is a Discovery Service Engineer with EBSCO. When not at work she is probably playing board, card, or video games or reading feminist critiques of them and/or their culture and communities.
    • Erin Dorney is currently not employed as a librarian, but has experience with library renovations and marketing communications. She is also a poet.
    • Annie Pho is an Undergraduate Experience Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago. When she’s not librarian-ing, she can be found riding her bike around the city and hanging out with her cats.
    • Lindsey Rae is the Technology & Public Services Librarian at Champlain College Library, where she works with emerging technologies and info. lit. instruction. She dabbles in all manner of hobbies and really likes owls.
    • Hugh Rundle is Systems & Resources Coordinator at Brimbank Libraries in Melbourne, Australia, and is Lead Pipe’s first Antipodean member. When not haranguing prospective ALIA board members Hugh can be found at the nearest Farmers Market, or in bookshops buying history and pop science books he never seems to have time to actually read.
    • Cecily Walker is Assistant Manager for Community Digital Initiatives & eLearning at Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, Canada. When not holding court on Twitter, she enjoys riding her bike, watching bad TV shows, and movies with lots of explosions.
    Update: September 29th, 2015
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