Editorial Board

Current Editorial Board

    • Ian Beilin is Humanites Research Services Librarian at Columbia University and Adjunct Assistant Professor of History in the McGhee Division of the School of Professional Studies, New York University. He leaves New York City for library conferences but not for much else. When not at work or with his family, he’s most likely looking for records in thrift shops and the few record stores that remain in the city.
    • Amy Koester is the Learning Experiences Manager at Skokie Public Library. When not librarianing, she is probably enjoying culture podcasts, space opera, or cooking.
    • Sofia Leung is the Teaching and Learning Program Manager and liaison to the department of Comparative Media Studies/Writing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In her spare time, she can be found hunting down good food, reading (sci-fi, fantasy, YA, “literary” fiction, memoirs) with her cat, or exploring new places.
    • Bethany Radcliffe is a Reference and Instructional Design Librarian at Midway University. In her spare time, she drinks exorbitant amounts of tea, thrifts, and dabbles in interior design.
    • Annie Pho is the Inquiry and Instruction Librarian for Peer Services and Powell Public Programs at UCLA Library. When she’s not librarian-ing, she can be found riding her bike around the city and hanging out with her cats.
    • Ryan Randall is the Instruction Coordinator and Faculty Outreach Librarian at the College of Western Idaho. When not at a library, he’s likely to be exploring cities through those other bastions of culture: local record stores & coffee shops.
    • Denisse Solis is a Reference Librarian at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. On the rare occasion that she is not thinking about libraries or librarianship, she spends her time running, traveling, napping, enjoying good food, or spending time with loved ones (especially her cat, Murphy).
    • Kellee Warren is the Instructor and Special Collections Librarian at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). She enjoys anything that will allow her to creatively express herself, and she really loves pugs.

Emeritus Editoral Board Members