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    If you like reading In the Library with the Lead Pipe and would like to write an article for us, we would love to hear from you. We encourage creative thinking, envelope-pushing, and constructive criticism from libraries’ diverse professional landscape. Articles indulging in non-constructive criticism will not be accepted.

    To propose an article, please send the following:

    1. An abstract of your proposed article (200 word maximum);
    2. A link to (or attachment with) an example of your writing; and
    3. Your current resume/CV or a brief biography. Note: Our goal is to share perspectives from across the library community. This item is intended to give us a sense of who you are, what type of library you are associated with, and what perspective you bring to the topic.

    Alternately, you may submit a completed article. It should be approximately 2,000–5,000 words with footnoted citations as appropriate. Please also let us know who you have chosen as your external reviewer (all articles on In the Library with the Lead Pipe are reviewed by at least one internal and one external reviewer).

    Someone from In the Library with the Lead Pipe will respond to your message within a few days. In general, we will make a decision based on how well your proposal seems to fit our goals, content, and style.

    For more information, please read:

    A note on copyright: all content on In the Library with the Lead Pipe is covered under the same Creative Commons license. Authors must accept the same license for their published articles.

    There are no author fees associated with publishing with In the Library with the Lead Pipe.

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    Update: September 4th, 2013

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