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I'm the Principal Librarian for Digital Technologies and Learning at North Carolina State University where I take a lead in pushing our library's resources, services, and librarian expertise into online learning environments. I'm a truly "blended librarian" -- equal parts librarian, instructional designer, and learning technologist. Most recently, my work involves serving as co-project manager and product lead for NCSU Course Views (branded Library Tools), a system that combines dynamically generated and librarian-authored content to create course-centric set of library resources for 6000+ courses. I'm also integrally involved in a number of e-learning resource development projects that focus on providing more "back story" to how information is created and accessed. My soap box is that I feel passionately about giving students more context for understanding the economics that surround information and the technologies we use to access it. I was selected as a 2009 Library Journal Mover and Shaker (coming soon!).

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