Jess Schomberg

email: jessicaschomberg [at]
twitter: @schomj

I am a librarian at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where I have done cataloging, collection development, reference and instruction work at various times. I earned my MA in English: Teaching English as a Second Language from Minnesota State University, Mankato (2007) and my MLIS from the University of Washington, Seattle (2000).

My current research interests are focused on disability and social justice. I love working with others to make libraries more accessible and inclusive. As part of this, I have co-edited an issue of Library Trends on disabled adults in libraries and have co-written a book about library workers with disabilities called Beyond Accommodation.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading a mix of genre fiction as well as non-fiction about people and society, playing with my cats, sampling perfumes, and spending time with my niblings.