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  • stevenb says:

    Good luck with your new blog. Looks like it will explore some interesting territory.

    I think the name is a bit longish – probably too late but something like “Library Leadpipe Crew” could have shortened it up a bit. Also, how about adding a descriptive blurb under the name that communicates the essence of your blog (recommended on a lot of those “tips for a great blog” posts). Something like “Six Diverse Librarians Taking A Lead Pipe To Your Library Assumptions” – or whatever you guys are mostly about – to your way of thinking.

    Kudos on the design though. It’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into it (NOT just another wordpress blog). Derik’s touch is apparent.

    Just some thoughts. Congrats and good luck for a sustainable blog. I am probably your first Bloglines subscriber.

  • Derik Badman says:

    Thanks for the comments, Steven. I did a lot of the design work, thus my touch.

    We’re working on a subtitle/description, somehow I overlooked that through all this.

    The title is long but also, we hope, memorable.

  • Latanya says:

    I actually like the title because of the visual it makes me think about.

    Derik always does an amazing job with design and I look forward to seeing the visuals as much as the actual posts. Thanks Kim for letting me know about this amazing new blog.

    Best wishes to you all…I know there’s a lot to take the “leadpipe” to in the libraries.

  • Bill Drew says:

    Nice design and a good start on content. I will mention your new blog on BabyBoomer Librarian

  • stevenb says:

    Ok. Your subtitle helps me to “get it” – the inspiration and design that is. It takes me a while sometimes.

  • Nate says:

    Good luck with the blog- the design looks great and I’m going to enjoy following your posts! You can expect a shoutout on the PLA blog soon…

  • Don’t worry about the length of the title (for now). If you get popular people will just call you “lead pipe” or something like that. I like the graphics and the sketches of the authors — a nice start!

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