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Editorial: Introduction

Six Librarians, drawing by Derik Badman

Six Librarians, drawing by Derik Badman

By Editorial Board, and

Welcome to In the Library with the Lead Pipe, a new group blog founded by a team of energetic new librarians.

To learn more about us, please read our “About” page and look through our “Authors” pages.

Our current plan is to publish a new post every Wednesday. Each post will be peer-reviewed by at least one external and one internal reader.

If things go well, we may step things up to twice a week, especially if we add new folks to our team or find a lot of guest writers whose work we want to publish. If you like what you see here and want to join in the fun, please let us know.

7 Responses

  1. Good luck with your new blog. Looks like it will explore some interesting territory.

    I think the name is a bit longish – probably too late but something like “Library Leadpipe Crew” could have shortened it up a bit. Also, how about adding a descriptive blurb under the name that communicates the essence of your blog (recommended on a lot of those “tips for a great blog” posts). Something like “Six Diverse Librarians Taking A Lead Pipe To Your Library Assumptions” – or whatever you guys are mostly about – to your way of thinking.

    Kudos on the design though. It’s clear that a lot of thought and effort went into it (NOT just another wordpress blog). Derik’s touch is apparent.

    Just some thoughts. Congrats and good luck for a sustainable blog. I am probably your first Bloglines subscriber.

  2. Thanks for the comments, Steven. I did a lot of the design work, thus my touch.

    We’re working on a subtitle/description, somehow I overlooked that through all this.

    The title is long but also, we hope, memorable.

  3. Latanya

    I actually like the title because of the visual it makes me think about.

    Derik always does an amazing job with design and I look forward to seeing the visuals as much as the actual posts. Thanks Kim for letting me know about this amazing new blog.

    Best wishes to you all…I know there’s a lot to take the “leadpipe” to in the libraries.

  4. stevenb

    Ok. Your subtitle helps me to “get it” – the inspiration and design that is. It takes me a while sometimes.

  5. Good luck with the blog- the design looks great and I’m going to enjoy following your posts! You can expect a shoutout on the PLA blog soon…

  6. Don’t worry about the length of the title (for now). If you get popular people will just call you “lead pipe” or something like that. I like the graphics and the sketches of the authors — a nice start!