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    Emeritus Editorial Board Members

    • Derik Badman is one of our founders. He did most of the design for our site and all of our author illustrations. [articles]
    • Hilary Davis is a co-founder of In the Library with the Lead Pipe. [articles]
    • Emily Ford is one of our founders. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends her non-library time with cappuccino, bicycles, yoga, and cats. [articles]
    • Eric Frierson lives in Austin, TX. He is a father and a doughnut aficionado. [articles]
    • Gretchen Kolderup [articles]
    • Kim Leeder is Director of Library Services at The College of Western Idaho, a community college that started offering classes in 2009. She loves the creativity and excitement that comes from building a library at a brand-new institution. Kim also runs marathons and adopts new hobbies regularly. [articles]
    • Micah Vandegrift wrote and edited with the Lead Pipe team after being a super fan for many years. [articles]
    • Leigh Anne Focareta [articles]
    Update: October 7th, 2015
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