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    Emeritus Editorial Board Members

    • Derik Badman is one of our founders. He did most of the design for our site and all of our author illustrations. [articles]
    • Brett Bonfield is a co-founder of In the Library with the Lead Pipe and the executive director of the Princeton Public Library (as of January 19, 2016). He likes running, podcasts, serial commas, and baseball analysis. [articles]
    • Hilary Davis is a co-founder of In the Library with the Lead Pipe. [articles]
    • Leigh Anne Focareta [articles]
    • Emily Ford is one of our founders. She lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends her non-library time with cappuccino, bicycles, yoga, and cats. [articles]
    • Eric Frierson lives in Austin, TX. He is a father and a doughnut aficionado. [articles]
    • Gretchen Kolderup [articles]
    • Kim Leeder is Director of Library Services at The College of Western Idaho, a community college that started offering classes in 2009. She loves the creativity and excitement that comes from building a library at a brand-new institution. Kim also runs marathons and adopts new hobbies regularly. [articles]
    • Lindsey Rae served as Lead Pipe’s Social Media Editor. She dabbles in all manner of hobbies and really likes owls.
    • Hugh Rundle had great fun writing and editing with Lead Pipe. He worked with Gretchen to overhaul our documentation and internal processes. He is now putting his energy into newCardigan. [articles]
    • Coral Sheldon-Hess served as our technology lead. She’s into technology, UX, crafting, and intersectional feminism.
    • Micah Vandegrift wrote and edited with the Lead Pipe team after being a super fan for many years. [articles]
    • Cecily Walker is Assistant Manager for Community Digital Initiatives & eLearning at Vancouver Public Library in Vancouver, Canada. When not holding court on Twitter, she enjoys riding her bike, watching bad TV shows, and movies with lots of explosions. [articles]
    Update: March 30th, 2016

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