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    Hugh McGuire is a web entrepreneur, who does bookish R&D on the web. He’s the founder of LibriVox.org, the world’s most prolific publisher of audiobooks, and the biggest collection of free, public domain audiobooks (all read by volunteers). He’s also founder of Iambik Audio, a commercial audiobook publisher built on a model similar to LibriVox; and PressBooks.com, a simple digital book-production tool. Hugh served on the Board (2002-2010) of the Atwater Library, a small community library, and the last remaining Mechanics Institute in Canada. He has written about publishing, books, and the future of media for Forbes.com, O’Reilly Radar, and the Huffington Post, among others. He’s currently editing a book, along with Brian O’Leary, about the future of books for O’Reilly Media.

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